10 things to buy at the Nicobar pop-up in Delhi Advertisement

10 things to buy at the Nicobar pop-up in Delhi

Breathe-easy dresses and picture-pretty things for your home

By ELLE team  April 13th, 2016

If you’ve been a keen follower of ELLE on Instagram, you’d know that Nicobar is a new brand we’re quite excited about. In fact, the brand launched a chic boutique in Mumbai and it’s also available online.

This time, they are letting folks in Delhi have a taste. They’re opening up their studio to us! Expect easy breezy dresses, picture-pretty buys for your home and a travel collection that’s fuss free. It’s all set within the Treehouse – as the Nico people like to call their work space – that has white-washed walls and bare stone floors, kind of like a Goan retreat.  Just don’t blame us if you come back with an arm full of bags, desperately longing for a holiday!

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On till April 17, between 11am to 7pm, at the Nicobar Studio, Eicher Goodearth Pvt Limited, Tulsi Farms, Mandi Road, Sultanpur Estate, New Delhi. Nicobar.com