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Hot address: 28 Kothi, Jaipur

This freshly-minted guesthouse will motivate you to plan your next getaway

By Sara Shah  January 19th, 2016

28 Kothi, Jaipur, isn’t your cookie-cutter guesthouse. It was set up by jewellery designer and entrepreneur Munnu Kasliwal, of Gem Palace, to facilitate his (many) guests and collaborators from around the world. Today, it’s run by his son Siddharth Kasliwal, who recently launched a new Gem Palace outpost in Mumbai, and Abhishek Honawar, who gave New York a fast-casual Indian restaurant not too long ago.         

It’s been built by French architect Georges Floret and Jaipur-based Lebanese designer Nur Kaoukji (creative director of lifestyle label Ecru) is responsible for its understated yet quietly luxurious interiors. Picture sun-kissed terraces and rooms done up in a soothing palette of white and neutral colours.You can choose between two suites, two double rooms and a cosy single room.

Make the most of your stay with yoga lessons, meditation or Ayurvedic massages. There’s even an in-house cafe, with a wholly organic vegetarian menu. It’s focused on farm-to-table meals, so you can expect a wholesome surprise or two – a juice menu is in the works at the moment. Did we mention the pictures provide enough motivation to plan your next getaway?  

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Rs 4500 onwards. 28, Civil Lines Road, Shivaji Nagar, Jaipur.