9 scrumptious watches to add to your kit right away Advertisement

9 scrumptious watches to add to your kit right away

Who could ever resist a little bit of arm candy?

By ELLE team  January 30th, 2017

The humble wristwatch is a thing of the past. Indulge your sweetest desires—from pop-infused strappy numbers to elegant bejewelled masterpieces, these are the season’s most delicious watches. Confused where to begin? Sprinkle on a bit of fun with our favourite micro trends that are grabbing eyeballs right now:

Double-strapped watches are perfect for a fashionable arm party. We have our hearts set on this petite Baume and Mercier number.

From top to bottom: 'Aila Day’, Swarovski. ‘Petite Promesse’, Baume and Mercier. ‘Gc Twist’, Gc watches.

These watches work overtime—they tell time and could easily double as jewellery. Sign us up.

From left: 'Harry Winston Pendant watch’, Harry Winston. ‘Les Eternelles Monganite’, Chanel. ‘Kalla Haute Couture Pampilles’, Vacheron Constantin.

Leather straps are pretty regular, so why not switch it up with steel mesh instead? The woven metal links give the watch a modern feel and work perfectly for both men and women.

From left: ‘Tissot Bella Ora’, Tissot. ‘Guess Highline’, Guess. ‘Diamantissma’, Gucci.