16 calming beauty products to help banish stress and anxiety

Banish stress, anxiety and bad moods in seconds

Modern day life can be a serious struggle. Sweaty commutes, work presentations and even watching the news can all give your emotional well-being a bit of a battering, leaving you feeling distressed, tense and low. But from essential oils, to soothing balms, and sprays dedicated to aligning your chakras (don't knock them 'til you've tried them), there's a whole hoard of products which promise to kick anxiety, stress, bad moods and even insomnia to the kerb —and many of them have one thing in common—calming both body and mind through the medium of scent.

"Most of these products work by influencing our olfactory system," explains wellness expert Beata Aleksandrowicz. "Scent is very powerful and has a huge influence on our body and mind," she continues. "When we stimulate the brain with scent, messages are sent straight to the limbic part where we store our emotions and memories, influencing things like hormone production. It has an instant effect and offers the chance to integrate and heal in a positive way."

16 calming beauty products to beat stress: