7 sexy beauty buys that will elevate your look

Clay mask, face mist, mascara and more

It's never a dull moment with these beauty buys, from instant eye-openers to a drool-worthy niche perfume. We're hitting 'Add to cart' on the Ruby Organics' Creme Highlighter which allows you to have Kim Kardashian West-worthy cheekbones while cleaning up your make-up routine. For highlighter noobs, the correct routine it to pat it on your cheeks, brow bones and eyelids for warm gold hue.

If you're tired of perfumes that are too strong or too common, try the Etat Libre D’Orange, You Or Someone Like You. It starts off as mouth-watering minty (yes, mouth-watering!), and graduates into a comforting musky trail. Prepare for a flood of "you smell so good!" compliments...

7 best beauty buys to make this month      

Photograph: Taras Taraporvala (Mamta Mody)