8 dermatologist-approved ways to get rid of body acne

From bacne to buttne (yep, it's a thing) here's how to banish spots on your body this summer

Those who have acne will know that the pesky little whiteheads, cystic spot eruptions and blackheads aren't usually contained to your face. From bacne (acne on your back) to buttne (acne on your backside — yep, it's a thing) body acne can be pretty rubbish to deal with. Even worse? When the warm weather makes an appearance, your playsuits come out of hibernation and suddenly you're showing off a little more flesh than usual and you'd rather not be stressing about covering up all those little bumps.

As debilitating as body acne can be (we feel you), you don't have to swerve plans or cover up completely, because ELLE has enlisted one of the best dermatologists in the business to help banish the breakouts once and for all.

How to get rid of body acne

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