12 beauty product superstars approved by Elle's international editors

The hardest working names on your shelf

We asked ELLE beauty editors, from Japan to Slovenia, to pick 12 life-changing products that they will be relying on to keep their hair, skin and nails looking on point in 2017. If you're looking for a red lipper to stop traffic on your Saturday night out, Dior's luscious red was upvoted by the beauty editors from Spain and Australia.

Mask addicts can hit up Estée Lauder for their latest fix, while those in search of an anti-ageing champion to reverse premature skin damage can turn their attention to Sisley's luxurious new cream... once you've treated your face to Lancôme's powerful new moisturiser, of course. 

Ok, we know the suspense is killing you. Say hello to the winners of the Elle International Beauty Awards 2017.

12 beauty products Elle's international editors are loving