6 things you’ve been getting wrong in your everyday beauty routine

Check this before you do irreparable damage

We are humans and humans err. A while ago, it was revealed that we’ve been pronouncing the brand name ‘Zara’ wrong this whole time. Unsurprisingly, we also discovered that some of our fellow humans don’t really know how to cut an avocado without ending up in the emergency room.

We’re also guilty of making some major beauty mistakes without realizing. While we’ve stressed over and over (and over) again the horrors of skipping sunscreen in your daily routine, your current method of applying sunscreen might be completely wrong. Same goes with the way you shampoo your hair, condition it and wear perfume.

We decided to wade through all the common mistakes you might be making in your everyday beauty routine and how you can correct them before it’s too late.

6 things you’ve been getting wrong this whole time: beauty edition

Featured photo credit: Coston Julian