Does it Work?

ELLE Review: Clinique Smart Custom-Repair

This range is all about damage control—by day and by night

  • If you’re a 30-something who’s noticing some unhappy changes in your skin, then you might be intrigued by the claims made by the Clinique Smart Custom-Repair range. The line of skin-care products contain ‘smart’ ingredients that fight age- and sun-related damage. I tried out the day and night creams as well as an under-eye treatment that together promise nothing less than younger, firmer, softer skin. I have combination skin with some dry patches, but no wrinkles or fine lines yet. So I took this trio out for a spin and here's the verdict.

    Does Clinique Smart Custom-Repair really deliver? Flip through to find out 


  • Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment, Rs 3,500

    Your thirties announce themselves with tiny dry patches in places you never even thought about before, like under your eyes. Your regular moisturiser just does not work here and might even sting. This very light, gel cream is lapped up instantly and soothes dryness. It’s especially formulated with whey protein and seaweed to fix crow’s feet and puffiness in the eye area, including the lids. After a week’s use, the skin around my eyes felt calmed and softened. A small victory against the thief of moisture: time.


  • Clinique Smart SPF 15 Custom-Repair Moisturizer, Rs 2,950

    This sun-protection cream is supposed to shield you from harmful rays, while also working at the cellular level to plump out skin and erase wrinkles. It’s a tall claim and I’m never going to find out how it delivers because it lacked in the one department I care most about with day creams: lightweight hydration. If, like me, you have combination or dry skin, you’ll find that you need to top up with moisturiser.


  • Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer, Rs 3,100

    This moisturiser attacks the problem of dryness by hydrating generously and improving the skin’s own capacity to hold on to moisture. It targets wrinkles, minor irritations and dullness with ingredients like whey protein, tamarind seed extract and murumuru butter. Whatever’s in it, it works. It’s absorbed without shine and works gently but effectively. You’ll wake up to happier skin.