Does it Work?

ELLE Review: Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment

We took the new set of lotions, serums and oils for a test run

  • Akanksha Kamath, Junior Fashion Stylist

    "I'm not one to try new skin regimes – at least not easily. I've had the same routine for a long, long time – and I swear by it – it involves cleansing with a L'Occitane face scrub, and following it up with Olay Beauty Fluid. But the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Serum is magic in a bottle (no, really). My skin is softer and more even-toned. The trick is to use this twice."

  • Neha Salvi, Junior Fashion Stylist

    “I chose Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil because my skin type is dry. I avoid using oils and serums in the morning, because it leaves my skin greasy. But Clinique was a surprise. I used a few drops before leaving the house in the morning, and a couple before hitting the bed. It’s instantly absorbed. The best part was waking up to radiant skin, and over time, the formula promises to strengthen the skin's ‘moisture barrier’.” 

  • Sonam Savlani, Associate Features Editor

    "My skin type is mixed. And the recent spell of dry weather wasn’t helping. There were moments in the day when my cheeks were dry, but my forehead was shiny. So I wanted this light moisturizer, which wouldn’t prompt breakouts. The water-like consistency of the lotion doesn’t feel like anything against the skin. I used it twice a day, under my Avène sunblock before stepping out and just before hitting the bed, for about a week, and watched the dryness vanish. Early Christmas miracle? Maybe."