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How to get the best workout

…for your body type

  • Looking for an effective strength training routine? Find one that suits your body shape,fitness expert and author of Shut up and Train, Deanne Panday shows you how.

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    Photographs Viral Bhayani



    If you have broad shoulders, a heavy chest and need waist definition, try a combination of waist-defining strength training and fat-blasting interval training to get rid of excess flab. Keep increasing the weights, as you get stronger.


  • STICK 

    People with this body type aren’t usually concerned with losing fat as they are with sculpting curves into their slim body. Focus on building your shoulders, buttocks and core with bench presses, shoulder presses and squats with dumbbells.


  • PEAR

    It’s not about fighting your shape, but balancing a rounder bottom and hips with your slender torso. Give circuit-style training a shot and combine cardio and strength to work off those saddlebags while toning up the muscles. 



    If you skip body toning exercises with weights you run the risk of getting heavier around the thighs and upper arms. Focus on a simple weight training routine with squats, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups and planks.