Can you eat food after its expiry date?

You know you've asked yourself this question more than once

You tell us that you’ve never eaten something past its expiry date and we’ll make room for your growing nose.

pinocchio nose

Much like stalking people on Instagram, this is something almost all of humanity is guilty of doing. But should we really be guilty? Nutritionist Tripti Gupta says you don’t.

While she condemns processed food (“It’s a big health risk in the long run”), she knows that it’s not realistic to eliminate it entirely from day-to-day consumption.  According to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), it’s mandatory for the food manufacturers to include the date of expiry on the product, but it’s not always an indication of whether the food has gone bad or not. “The date is just a guideline,” says Tripti.

Before you hoard your pantry with processed food like there’s no tomorrow, read on these guidelines to ensure you don’t end up eating spoilt food.

Everything you need to know about food expiration dates