6 fragrances that were designed for the millennial girl

You'll want them all

Millennials — we can never decide what colour the dress (or the shoe) is, but when it comes to beauty, one thing is for sure. The new gen woman is all about smelling fresh and sexy at the same time, and that’s exactly what that the latest crop of fragrances aims to do. We’re sorry Chanel No 5, but your powdery floral notes just don’t send us into a scent-induced tizzy.

The fresh edit of fragrances are mysterious — a perfect mix of floral, citrus and musky notes, built to appeal to the millennial woman who can never commit to a signature scent. Gucci’s present-day wonder, Bloom, is heavy on jasmine and blends into sensual woody notes while Hermes Twilly balances tuberose with spicy ginger and sandalwood. And if you’re thinking about how these will look in your monthly beauty shelfie, we’ll settle with excessively chic.

6 fragrances that every millennial needs to try