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How to get a celebrity blow dry

Industry secrets from Bollywood's favourite hair expert Adhuna Bhabani

  • Why does your hair never look luscious and photogenic like Deepika Padukone's? Because you're clearly not following the right salon-approved procedure. We asked celebrity stylist Adhuna Bhabani to part with her secret 3-fold approach for achieving a red carpet-worthy blowdry at home. 


  • Prep: 

    A great hair wash makes all the difference. Use a shampoo best suited for your hair type — curly, color-treated, fine, etc. and follow it with a conditioning regime.

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  • Pre-dry Prep:

    You want to either air or towel dry your hair lightly, before applying any product. Simply pat dry as opposed to rough rubbing to avoid creating frizz. 

    When blowdrying your wavy hair straight, prep your slightly damp hair with a dime sized dollop of Leave-in cream and apply it evenly from mid-lengths to ends.

    If volume is what your hair craves, Bhabani swear by BBLUNT Volumizing Leave in Spray. Look for products that have SPF and heat protecting properties that battle against the harsh sun and prevent damage that can be caused by heated tools.

    As with any styling product, if you have thin or fine hair, never apply to the root area first. Always apply the product from the mid-lengths and ends, working your way up to the roots.  

    After applying any product, remove excess moisture using your hair dryer. Using your fingers only, lift the hair away from your scalp and position the dryer so that the airflow is concentrated in the opposite direction from where you wish the hair to eventually sit, creating volume at the root. 

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  • Style:

    1. Choose the right blow dryer by ticking these check boxes.

    Wattage: The higher the number, the more powerful the heat and airflow. 

    Weight: You don’t want to go in for a dryer that’s so heavy, it causes your arm to weigh down before your hair is dry. So pick one with a weight that you're comfortable using. 

    Variable speeds/ Heat control: It’s key to be able to control the temperature and air flow. A “Cold Shot” button helps to lock hair into place. 

    Attachments: You will need a concentrator nozzle attachment if you’re going to blow dry your hair straight. You will also need a diffuser and detangling brush.

    2. Pick the right brush: The shape of brush determines the finished look. For voluminous curls, you need a round brush. The size of your curls will depend on the size of the barrel of the round brush you pick. A paddle brush is perfect for a straight and sleek look.  

    3. Section your hair: Divide your hair into three sections -- top, middle and nape -- and clip the sections up. If you wear bangs, leave them loose, and dry them into place first to set them so they aren't harder to tame at the end. 

    4. It takes technique and practice to get the perfect look. Place the nozzle on the dryer and start with a 2-4 inch section of hair at the nape. Hold hair firmly in place using your brush. The direction of the airflow is crucial so ensure the nozzle of the dryer is pointing down the hair shaft from roots to ends. 

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  • Transform:

    Once all sections are dried, use a cool blast to finish and lock the look.

    Shiny hair is healthier-looking, so finish your look with a shine serum. 

    Tip: You could also spray the shine serum onto your brush to help evenly distribute it and avoid excessive use. 



    • Apply too much product – it may weigh your hair down.

    • Try to dry your hair when it’s too wet. This is a futile exercise as your hair doesn’t start to form its shape until it's 80% dry.

    • Don’t over-dry your hair. It doesn’t eliminate frizz, but makes it worse.