How To

How to: Redo teen beauty blunders

And make it look good!

  • Those frosty eyeshadows, the big, curly, combed-out hair, muddy brown lipstick – they’re probably the ghosts of your teenage past. But what if we told you that you could totally work those trends today without looking like you stepped out of a badly-styled ’90s movie? Here’s some modern-day inspiration:

    The trick: Tone down the frost. Instead of an all-out glittery texture, go for something shimmery, but sheer, like at Chloe and Manish Malhotra this season.

    Photographs: Gallizio (Backstage); Shivaji Juvekar (LIFW); Gulshan Sachdeva (WIFW)

    The trick: Add method to the madness. Pin it up at the bottom to create a big, fuzzy bob, or gather at the nape (tuck into your jacket collar or scarf) to control some of the volume.


    The trick: Make it your own. Find a shade that suits your complexion best – pick from a spectrum of browns from reddish brick to subtler taupe. If you’re heading out, try a dab of gold at the centre of your lower lip to add a festive touch.