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Monsoon hair problems solved

Here’s how you can conquer your hair battles

  • Based on scientific research that mostly involved listening to people crying about their wet-season hair woes, we’ve come to conclude that the monsoon does not quite agree with hair. Whether humidity makes it veer towards the Diana Ross end of the spectrum or flat-out Wednesday Addams, getting hair to behave for the next couple of months is almost entirely impossible – or so you think. We are here to help!

    Photograph: Tarun Vishwa

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    Embrace it
    Can’t be bothered with a dozen smoothening products? Here’s how you can rock that fuzzy halo.

    Scarf it up
    Put your hair up in a messy bun. Fold a bright scarf into a band and tie it up top, Rosie the Riveter style. Sixties not your jam? Try a turban instead.

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  • Braidy bunch
    Twist up a few thin braids throughout your hair and then gather it all up in a textured, boho plait. Make it more fun by adding ribbons to the smaller ones.

  • Afro chic
    Own a curly mop that’s mutating with every passing day? Sometimes you just need to take a deep, long breath, know that this, too, shall pass, and roll with it.


    Fight it
    Make silicone – the hair care ingredient kind – your friend. It seals the top scaly layer of your strands, the cuticle, which is responsible for frizz, and makes it smoother. Look for it, especially in your conditioner and leave-in serum.

    Smoothing Shampoo, Rs 225, L’Oréal Paris
    Taming Elixir, Rs 1,300, Sebastian Professional

    Click through the gallery above for more tips on how to fight frizzy hair. 

  • Fight it
    Make weekly masks a ritual. Apply and leave in for five minutes while you scrub your feet or sing an Adele number. Add a few drops of dry oil or serum to your mask for extra frizz control. Rinse off with room-temperature to cold water.

    Smooth & Shine Mask for Dry Frizz Prone Hair, Rs 360, Tresemmé
    Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Dry Oil, Rs 2,900, Nuxe

  • Fight it
    A curl-enhancing product will help tame the frizz and still keep your hair bouncy. For best results, run a dollop into your locks when damp. In a pinch, a tiny bit of hand cream, first rubbed onto palms and then lightly patted on the lengths, will also tamp down the volume.

    Finishing Polish, Rs 1,100, Percy & Reed
    Curl Defining Cream, price on request, Moroccanoil


    Embrace it
    The good thing about flat hair: it’s on trend. The bad: it gets boring really fast. Mix it up like this:

    Back up
    There are few hairstyles that can beat a simple ponytail. Balance the starkness of the hair with a loud, red mouth.

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  • Loose ends
    Rub in a gel at the crown, comb it down and pull the ends behind your ears for a rainproof do.

  • Put a thing on it
    Alice bands, ponytail clasps, jewelled barrettes and pins – keep switching these up to add interest to your sleek dos.


    Fight it
    Volumising shampoos and conditioners wash away excess oil and don’t weigh your hair down. Try a clarifying shampoo if you tend to use hairstyling products, but use sparingly – once every two weeks.

    Volumea Conditioner, price on request, Rene Furterer
    Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo, Rs 1,290, Kiehl’s

    Click through the gallery above for more tips on how to fight limp hair.

  • Fight it
    Going out? Tie your hair (at least from the top of your head) in a few Velcro rollers. Before leaving, take them out and spritz on a heavy-duty hairspray to keep the lift.

    Osis+ Finish Extreme Hold Hairspray, Rs 700, Schwarzkopf
    Small Talk Thickifier, Rs 850, TIGI Bed Head

  • Fight it
    Dry shampoo. Find one that works for you and keep it on your person at all times. Instead of stripping your hair of natural oil every day, toss your head upside down, spray it, brush it, toss it back up – you should be good for another day.

    Powder Bluff, Rs 1,500, Kérastase
    Fresh Dust, Rs 950, L’Oréal Professionnel

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