12 luxurious shower gels to have

For when you want to *literally* bath in luxury

Are you a fan of the woody fragrance of Marc Jacobs's Decadence or the sweet, floral fragrances from Tory Burch? From shower to after party we've picked the luxury lathers that will have you smelling better for longer. Prep your skin with some pampering for a shower that feels like a mini vacation. Double up on the base notes of Dior's Sauvage by using the body wash as a first coat for your perfume. Trust us, show yourself some lathery love with body washed good enough to eat.These 12 shower gels look expensive but smell as great as their original perfumes. Treat yoself!

12 luxurious shower gels:

What are you waiting for? Foam up and dance your early morning blues away in luxury.

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