4 make-up tricks for when you literally have no time

Beauty hacks

In a perfect world, you wake up before your alarm clock goes off, sip a just-brewed cup of coffee, and have a carefree 30 minutes to calmly, expertly apply your make-up while thinking about the day ahead and plotting out world domination. But, hi, in the real world, you hit snooze once (fine, twice) and fit in your getting-ready wherever you can. Compact mirror on a bus that's hurtling uptown? Sure. Blissfully reflective napkin holder at your local coffee spot? Child's play. Instead of extolling the value of the first, let's just plan for the second. The key to getting flawless skin on the go is one hero multi-purpose product, plus a few other items worth a spot in your make-up bag. We present to you 4 make-up tricks that will save your life.