8 new beauty stores in India that you'll happily give your money to

Up that credit limit, stat

We’ve all pledged loyalty to certain websites and beauty stores in India to stock up on our favourite potions and creams. We get it, shopping for beauty can be daunting and when you finally find the perfect shade of foundation or a moisturiser that doesn’t make you break out, why would you want to let go? But the real downside to that is missing out on the offerings of fresh new labels on the block. The best part about beauty is experimenting with new trends and products from across the globe, and constantly discovering more things to love. And these new beauty stores in India, both online and brick-and-mortar, will let you do just that. Think niche perfumery from tiny boutiques in France, K-beauty finds from the streets of Seoul and homegrown Ayurveda that’s fit for royalty.

8 new beauty stores in India you're going to love