#ELLETriesIt : Back facials

The back treatments that deserve a low-cut dress

  • The ELLE team test out whether back facials are all that they are made out to be.


    The Lowdown: The search for perfect, even-toned, clear skin led me to try out the anti-acne facial at The Lodhi Spa. Except, this was for my back. The USP of this spa is that it uses marine nutrient-rich products from Thalgo. My treatment began with a quick, refreshing spray of marine mist, followed by cleansing and steam-aided exfoliation, which helped ease out the blackheads. Next came a massage with Thalgodermyl Purifying Extract and an organic mask to seal in the moisture.

    The Results: My skin felt very smooth and supple, with marks visibly reduced. For anything more than a few acne marks, though, you might need to do this regularly.

    The Details: Rs 4,500 for 60 minutes.

    At The Lodhi Spa, The Lodhi, New Delhi. Tel: 011 4363 3333

    By Malini Banerji 


    The Lowdown: The treatment involved a straightforward clean-up using L’Occitane En Provence products. My back was given a thorough cleansing, followed by steam, blackhead extraction and wrap. The treatment ended with a moisturising massage.

    The Results: The dark spots, bra-strap marks and blackheads on my back (which I didn’t know I had) were gone. My back felt smooth and moisturised for the next few days. Radiant? I’m not so sure. But more than anything else, I felt rejuvenated – the achy, stressed-out feeling had disappeared thanks to the massage.

    The Details: Rs 2,750 (plus taxes) for 45 minutes.

    At Spa la Vie by L’Occitane, Apollo Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Tel: 022 2305 9055

    By Shruti Thacker 


    The Lowdown: Our backs tend to be criminally neglected, and this treatment is a quick and painless fix. After a wipe-down with cleanser, gentle and thorough microdermabrasion was done with a suction-type machine all over my back to remove dead skin. Another swipe of cleanser and I was good to go.

    The Results: My back definitely felt smoother, and when I twisted and peered at the mirror, it seemed to look clearer as well. However, this is a treatment that gives better results with regular use, so don’t just do it as a one-off. And don’t forget the sunscreen afterwards.

    The Details: Rs 3,565 for 45 minutes.

    At Kaya Skin Clinics nationwide

    By Aishwarya Subramanyam 


    The Lowdown: If you want an express treatment that gives you total relaxation along with a shining, smooth back, this one’s for you. Phytomer’s Toning Body Scrub helped slough off a recent tan and was followed by a self-heating marine mud pack, made of green seaweed, which detoxifies and decongests stress. This was followed by a relaxing massage with jojoba oil and application of Phytomer Relaxing Serum that did exactly what its name promised.

    The Results: It will make you want to slip right into your favourite backless dress. And the effect lasted for a good four to five days.

    The Details: Rs 2,200 (plus taxes) for 35 minutes.

    At Jean-Claude Biguine salons nationwide

    By Tanvi Dagli