The best eye creams for dark circles and eye bags

An eye cream for every emergency

One thing you never want to hear from your colleagues: 'You look tired, hun'. Tell us something we don't know. And, more often than not, it's down to those pesky dark circles and eye bags betraying you, so it's time to start investing in the best best eye creams  for your specific need. 

Sadly, there are several factors that contribute to under-eye darkness and it's not just about lack of sleep. Ageing can cause volume depletion under the eyes — as your skin loses fat and collagen it can make the skin under your eyes thinner, causing blood vessels to become noticeable and dark circles to appear. 

You could also be prone to hyper pigmentation, which is thanks to your parents, as genetics can play a role here. Finally, unbeknown to most, allergies can be a culprit, as the under-eye blood vessels can be inflamed and when coupled with a blocked nasal passage, can result in dark circles — or even a reddish-purple hue. 

So, if your eye bags are giving people the wrong impression, then we check out six of the best eye creams to help you say 'goodbye' to those tired peepers and work out how to get rid of under eye bags and puffy eyes for good. Phew.

Best eye creams for dark circles and eye bags