13 easy ways to use less plastic in your beauty routine

Good for you AND the planet

When you take a look at the products that make up your beauty routine, you probably see a lot of one thing: plastic. I wanted to do my part to make my day-to-day life a little more environmentally friendly. I started looking at blogs and YouTube videos, trying to figure out how to ditch every day plastic items like shampoo bottles and deodorant. Since most plastics don't biodegrade and manufacturing it can cause pollution, I was curious if there were other products I could use that would be good for me and the environment. Luckily, I found a whole world of beauty products that are not only adorable and useful, but also eco-friendly. So,

here are 13 easy things you can do right now to create a beauty routine that's good for you and the planet.

13 ways to use less plastic in your beauty routine: