Manish Arora

Manish Arora hosts his fashion show inside Mumbai's only luxury mall

The designer is a marketing genius

Hundreds of people were hanging off the balconies and crowding the upper floors, trying to get a view of the models, and of course, guest of honour, Ranveer Singh. By staging his runway show within the main atrium of Mumbai's only luxury mall, Palladium, Manish Arora ensured his big return to Lakme Fashion Week after 10 years would be splashed all over the internet before the lights even went down.
The models had the tricky task of negotiating the escalators as part of their ramp, in six inch platform heels, no less. Painstaking make-up (pearls, glitter, body paint) and towering headgear could not have made their jobs any easier.
The razzle dazzle continued on the clothes too, because what else have you come to expect from a Manish Arora show other than visual theatre. The theme 'Cosmic Love' allowed Arora to plumb the depths of his oeuvre: a black and white trompe l'oeuil printed cape here, a kaleidoscopic pantsuit there, a cutout LBD that could fit right into the streets of Harajuku... all the usual suspects lined up for inspection.
But there were also see-through dresses with floral detailing, embroidered bombers and oversized jackets with relatively sparse embellishment for those who want to dip a toe into the whirlpool of Arora's fantasies before deciding to take the full plunge.
Or you could just do what Ranveer Singh does and pull off a fully sequinned rainbow jumper like what's up, it's Saturday...

This crazy man! @ranveersingh is at the @manisharorafashion fashion show #lakmefashionweek #ranveersingh

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Inside Manish Arora's "Cosmic Love" collection: