Tarun Tahiliani

5 exquisite sari-gowns to add to your lust list from the AIFW finale

Tarun Tahiliani and Amit Aggarwal definitely know how to put on a show

The Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 built to a crescendo over four days of haute couture, luxe casuals and everything in between. In keeping with the more-is-more memo, designers Tarun Tahiliani and Amit Aggarwal were called in to do the honours and draw the curtains on the four-day fashion extravaganza. Two designers with two distinct design aesthetics, and between them, they managed to pull off one helluva spectacle.

Aggarwal’s signature lamé concoctions and knife pleats were complemented by Tahiliani’s subtle ivories. But if someone were to let us loose on their clothes rack backstage, we’d make a beeline for their exquisite sari-gowns that are worth their weight in Instagram gold. 

5 sari-gowns we loved at Tarun Tahiliani and Amit Aggarwal's AIFW finale