Anushka Sharma's latest move has cricket fans riled up, and honestly, everybody needs to calm down

Give her a break

Indian cricket fans are currently crying themselves hoarse on Twitter and we haven't even lost to Pakistan or any such unimaginable tragedy. Their topic of contention right now is skipper Virat Kohli and wife, Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma. The BCCI tweeted out a photograph of the men in blue along with the members of the High Commission of India in London. Except that Anushka occupied prime position in the front, next to Virat. In an ill-thought caption, BCCI wrote: #TeamIndia members at the High Commission of India in London. 

People were quick to point out that A) Anushka is not part of the Indian cricket squad and B) The vice caption of the team, Ajinkya Rahane, is seen standing behind her. Anushka is the only spouse of a cricketer that can be seen in the photo  something that irked some sensitive people on Twitter. Anushka hardly seems like the type to gate-crash so we can safely assume that she was there on an official invite, nor is the type to muscle in on a photo unless invited to do so by – wait for it — her husband's closest colleagues. 

Team India are currently in England for a test series against England and there were media reports that wives and girlfriends (WAGs) have been asked to stay away from the tour. However, Shikhar Dhawan's wife, Ayesha Mukherjee and Rohit Sharma's wife Ritika Sajdeh were spotted in London and all of us saw Anushka cheering on Virat at the stands when he scored a ton (and kissed his wedding ring in a romantic AF gesture). Banning WAGs by labelling them as a distraction feels like a move that infantalises grown-up players who've made it to the national team of the biggest sport in the country. And let's not forget how fans blamed Anushka for Virat's sub-par performance in 2016. It got so bad that Virat had to call them out on social media with a hard-hitting post. 

If Virat's recent century is anything to go by, Anushka's presence in his life has only helped him. He has publicly credited Anushka for positively changing him as a person. "I have realised a lot of things in the past few years since I’ve been with my wife. Because she is a very spiritual person and I have sort of drifted on that path as well," he said. Moreover, Anuskha is also responsible for making sure Virat is as woke as she is. "People are very chauvinistic in this country. I certainly wasn’t aware of that growing up, to be honest. But I have started to see myself as a feminist,” he admitted.  

So, we guess haters gonna hate and trolls gonna troll. All while Anushka and Virat continue slaying it in their respective fields. 

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