Millionaire heiress Sheetal Mafatlal in head-to-toe Fendi like NBD

Weekend cazh

In the lives of the ultra-rich, even a casual weekend coffee run must look like it was ripped off the page of a fashion ad campaign. And when the person in question is millionaire heiress and couture collector Sheetal Mafatlal, you can be sure that a head-to-toe lewk is just par for the course.

This weekend, Sheetal professed her undying love for luxury fashion co-ords, stepping out in a head-to-toe Fendi monster look. A sweatshirt dress with that unmistakable eye detailing was paired with furry slip-on shoes and monster bag charms because that's how you do it when your walk-in closet has its own Fendi shop-in-shop. 

sheetal mafatlal fendi bag

Sheetal Mafatlal's Fendi Monster slip-on shoes

Sheetal mafatlal fendi

You can shop Sheetal Mafatlal's Sweatshirt dress here