London-based art curator Amin Jaffer on 12 things he can't live without

From food to fashion

As an art historian and writer, Dr Amin Jaffer is a man constantly on the move. He’s currently the Curator of the exquisite Al Thani Collection, an encyclopedic holding of more than 6,000 works of art. Rwandan-born 49-year-old Jaffer — who lives in London and was formerly Senior Curator at the Victoria And Albert Museum and International Director of Asian Art for Christie's — had his first brush with art when he was six, when his mother took him to the Louvre and Versailles. There, Jaffer, armed with a Polaroid camera began clicking away. As he grew, so did his appreciation for art. As a student at the University Of Toronto, a course in ceramics led him to realise public art was his true passion, leading to a Masters, and then, a PhD at the Royal College Of Art, London. With a schedule as demanding as his and projects all over the world, he shuttles constantly between global art capitals such as London, Beijing and Venice. Jaffer takes comfort in routine, preferring to rise early. We managed to pin him down just long enough to let us into his world.

Here, Amin gives us 12 things he can’t live without.