16 celebrities before they became huge stars

*wonders if I were this cute*

We're no strangers to glossy photos of our favourite celebrities, perfectly poised and dolled up, ne'er a flyaway in sight. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Deepika Padukone has never had a bad hair day in her life, or that Priyanka Chopra went straight from cherubic toddler to elegant glamazon, skipping right past the awkward teen phase you (and your entire friend circle) suffered through. Luckily, man invented the camera and with it, photographic evidence that celebrities were once regular human beings with questionable fashion choices and adorable baby fat.     

Before she announced her plans for world domination, Priyanka could be found climbing trees and rocking the treacherous double-hair clip trend. Winning smile intact, Katrina Kaif was always partial to bangs, even if she was a tough ganglier than the strong, toned Amazon we're used to seeing on screen now. Deepika Padukone, of course, always knew how to work the camera. Just check out her signature pose, perfected all those years ago.

16 celebrities before they became famous:

*runs to flip through our own photo albums*