3 stylish mother-daughter duos who redefine the generation gap

When past and present philosophies of luxury form a brand new hybrid

For a designer mother whose forte is embroidery and a daughter who is all about adding quirk, Aneesa and Rita are on a constant look out for new things. The duo who keep busy, feel that luxury is nothing but allowing oneself to indulge and spend some quality time together. On the other hand, Petals and Lynn Deas think of luxury as being synonymous with desire. Something that you don't need practically, but yet desire to have. Antara and Bhavna Motiwala have evidently opposite choices. If the mother is fond of investing in jewellery most of the time, the daughter chooses to invest on bags, clothes and vintage finds. 

These stylish mother-daughter duos reveal how they've influenced the other's definition of the good life. 

Bridging the luxury generation gap:


Photographs: Anish Sarai, Styling: Sujata Newar, Art direction: Reshma Rajiwdekar