The fabulous lives of the world's most fashionable princesses

Crowns and gowns

Back in the day, princesses wore beautiful gowns and tiaras while their adoring public praised their beauty throughout the kingdoms. Today, they still wear the crowns and gowns but mostly while gracing runways and red carpets around the globe. And instead of portraits next to princes on white horses, their adoring Instagram following can like pictures of them living the fast life while building their own business empires or completing their degrees in the world's most prestigious colleges.

Like Angélique, the Countess of Limburg-Stirum in Germany, who manages a promising modelling career while pursuing a degree in art history. Or Prince William's first cousin Kitty Spencer who is an aspiring singer/songwriter. And right here in India, where Soha Ali Khan of the Pataudi kingdom balances her work in Bollywood with philanthropic efforts and family life as a mother of one.    

From fashion capitals to holiday castle, get to know these ladies who carry their titles (and their Chanel bags) with them wherever they go.  

Meet these modern princesses 

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