Alia to Anushka, these Bollywood stars confess to the weirdest habits


The problem with Bollywood stars is that we often think they're Photoshop perfect, without the quirks and weird habits that the rest of us mortals possess. But as these lades confess themselves, that's far from the truth. If you thought Deepika Padukone was too poised to be a real human being or that Anushka Sharma's torso was too toned for her to do anything other than crunches, their own confessions will surprise you.

From Alia Bhatt to Anushka Sharma, the leading ladies of Bollywood are just altered enough to actually hang with you and your friends without disturbing the balance. So if you thought your habits are weird, you may want to look to the stars for comfort.

5 Bollywood stars with seriously weird habits