8 strange rules Meghan Markle has to follow once she becomes a princess

Marrying a Prince v/s the seafood platter

If you are one of those ladies who have been brainwashed by Disney, you may want to know what happens post the 'happily ever after'. As Meghan Markle has found out, marrying Prince Harry and entering the British royal family means having to bid goodbye to her sexiest clothes, bedazzled nails and Instagram following. Family game nights will no longer include Monopoly and the seafood platter may never be the same again. At least she got the tiara, right? Well, Meghan Markle can only wear it after 6 pm.

British royals from Kate Middleton to Prince William are required to follow all the rules set by the Queen. Which extend to codes of conduct as well as what they can wear. You may want to sit down for this one, but remember: Never cross-legged.

8 rules that Meghan Markle must follow after marrying Prince Harry: