Five reasons to book your tickets for the new live-action adaptation of Aladdin

In theaters tomorrow!

Disney India is all set to take audiences on a magical journey to a whole new world this summer. Disney’s Aladdin, a thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of the most-loved animated classic flies into theatres in India on 24 May 2019. The animated version that had taken the world by storm in 1992 has established a legendary status amongst fans, especially with its blockbuster music.

Looking at the trailers, Aladdin is hands down paisa vasool entertainment in two hours: legendary Disney magic, jaw-dropping action sequences, romance to swoon over, family drama and plot twists, humour in the shape of a superstar Genie and unforgettable music... what more could one ask for?

Here are five reasons you need to go watch the film ASAP: 

Stellar visual effects

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Aladdin, in this magical re-imagined avatar, has mesmerising VFX and colourful visuals, a gorgeous new romantic pairing, uplifting music and and a superstar Genie.

Superstars to make us laugh

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Stepping into the shoes of the late, great Robin Williams was always a challenge, but if anyone was capable of doing so splendidly it was Will Smith (who is hugely popular in India, if his recent visit hosted by Karan Johar was anything to go by). Putting his own spin on the character, Will has given an entertaining performance while also paying homage to Williams. He even sings his own rap-inspired version of ‘A Friend Like Me’!

Soulful romance between Jasmine and Aladdin

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Jasmine and Aladdin's epic love story is legendary in movie history. The charming street underdog winning the heart of a beautiful but unattainable princess has been a firm favourite with romantics for years, and we have a talented new pair essaying the couple in the live action. Debutant Mena Massoud and Indian-British origin Naomi Scott's vivacious chemistry onscreen promises to live up to the high expectations. 

Action and adventure scaled to new heights!

A cinematic kaleidoscope of all the Bollywood masala you can imagine, with jaw-dropping action scenes and plot twists and a menacing villain, fans can walk through the lanes of Arabia and relive their favourite childhood tales on a never-before-imagined scale. 

Memorable music

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A musical is only as good as its soundtrack, and the original Aladdin is testament to just how memorable songs can become! The new live action has already received accolades for the songs released so far, from Zayn Malik's mellifluous 'A Whole New World' to Will Smith's 'A Friend Like Me'. In addition, the musical talents of Badshah and Armaan Malik have been harnessed to create more magic for the Hindi dubbed version! Badshah, in his inimitable style, has created an exciting promotional song called 'Sahi Hai Bro' for the live-action adaptation.