We blindfolded Amyra Dastur and gave her some hilarious challenges

She's a regular Picasso

Amyra Dastur is up for any challenge. It's probably this spunky nature that got her noticed by fellow adventure junkie Jackie Chan, who cast her in his film, Kung Fu Yoga. So when we met Amyra on the sets of our big jewellery shoot (get your copy here), we couldn't help but challenge her to a blindfold challenge. On camera. 

Dressed in the finest Indian couture, the actress unleashed her inner boarding school badass as she subjected her palate to a blind taste test (watch out for the third spoonful, we promise you it's nasty). Up next, a drawing task, though Amyra insisted "my drawing skills are so poor, you don't really need to blindfold me." So does her giraffe look like anything that God put on this green earth? We'll let you be the judge of that. 

And finally, the ultimate millenial test: texting with your eyes closed. 

So how would your blindfold skills measure up against Amyra's? We encourage you to try this at home. 

Video: Eats, Shoots and Leaves Productions