Highlights: Fotofest 2014

America’s oldest – and biggest – photo fair features Arab artists front and centre. These are the names to gawk at

  • In the 30 odd years that it’s been around, FotoFest has become one of the world’s five most important photography festivals and one of the biggest in America. This year it’s devoted to Arab artists. Swot up on the names to know.

    Ebtisam AbdulAziz

    Science and technology are used to explore emotion in the Sharjah-based artist’s work. She trains a light box on CAT scans of her brain in her installation,My Brain,to depict the futility of trying to understand why we do the things we do.

    'View from Inside’ will be on at the FotoFest 2014 Biennial in Houston, Texas until April 27.

    Photographs: FotoFest 2014 Biennial

  • Boushra Almutawakel

    Her ‘Hijab Series’, multi-themed collections of portraits that examine how the burqa affects the women behind it, garnered global attention and is one of the Yemeni artist’s ongoing projects.

  • Steve Sabella

    Born in Jerusalem and having had to flee his homeland, Berlin-based Sabella creates images that focus on exile. He uses multi-angled photomontages to explore dislocation and its natural consequence: the restructuring of self.

  • Abdulnasser Gharem

    This former army man’s multimedia works showcase Saudi Arabia’s sociopolitical dichotomies. His ‘Men at Work’ series of stamp paintings embeds Islamic design motifs with silhouettes of soldiers to depict the region’s militant disposition.

  • Huda Lutfi

    The Egyptian historian documents the changing cultural mores of her country. She attaches everyday objects – dolls, bottle caps, crutches – to backdrops of military planes, soldiers and weapons, to compare daily life with the prevailing violence in the region.