Rating the compatibility of 9 Bollywood couples, according to their zodiac signs

The stars reveal all

They say matches are made in heaven. But does heaven pay consideration to the zodiac sign of the couples before pairing them up?

For instance, Libran Gauri and Scorpion Shah Rukh Khan are the picture-perfect family. But their sun signs reveal the dark side of the relationship that forces the duo to deal with many challenging times. Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor, who's a Gemini, and Anand Ahuja, who's a Leo, are reflective of an easy-breezy relationship that's strongly cemented in friendship, and the stars are in their favour. 

On the contrary, Geminian Disha Patani and Piscean Tiger Shroff have opposing sun signs with few things in common. Scorpion Aishwarya Rai and Aquarian Abhishek Bachchan are both passionate lovers; Capricorn Twinkle and Virgoan Akshay Khanna perfectly match each other's pace; Cancerian Ranveer Singh's loving and caring nature keeps his relationship afloat with Deepika Padukone, a Capricorn.

Here are 9 Bollywood couples and their sun sign compatibility, decoded.

How compatible are these Bollywood couples, according to their zodiac sign?