11 clean eating gurus to follow on Instagram

Healthy living at your fingertips

The first thing we all do in the morning is pick up our phone and check what's trending on social media. Well, why not follow the right accounts to help you accomplish that New Year's resolution of clean eating and clean living? We scoured the internet and found 11 clean eating gurus who take what they do very, very seriously. Some, like Mckee Hill, are qualified dieticians who break down all the myths about nutrition you may ever have heard. Then there are those like Michelle Tam, who are authors of best-selling cookbooks, and sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, who run an organic cafe.

Whether it's a gluten-free diet or a plant-based plan you're seeking, take your pick from these gurus who truly practice what they preach. Friendly warning: these Instagram accounts will make your mouth water.

11 Instagram accounts that will help you get into clean eating: