• Your ISIS reading list

    by ELLE Team

    Who started it all?

    Blackflags: The Rise Of ISIS by Joby Warrick

    This winner of the Pulitzer Prize focuses on the rise of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the ideological forefather of the Islamic State movement.

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  • What’s it like for women?

    The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida’s Story by Farida Khalaf and Andrea C. Hoffman

    She was 19 when Khalaf was abducted from an Iraqi village and sold into slavery in 2014. The memoir, out this July, details the horrors she survived, and her ultimate escape.

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  • What do they want?

    The New Threat From Islamic Militancy by Jason Burke

    The Guardian journalist spells out how groups like Boko Haram, al-Qaeda and ISIS are connected, what they want and how they plan to get it.

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  • What’s it like on the inside?

    Jihad Academy: The Rise of Islamic State by Nicholas Hénin

    Hénin chronicles his 10 months in ISIS captivity (“I found them more stupid than evil”), and shares insight on how the West fuelled terrorism in Syria.

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