Madhur Jaffrey is the most badass grandma ever in this rap video

And she's ready with a slap if you disagree

At 85, Madhur Jaffrey has sprung a surprise nobody quite expected from the celebrated chef, TV host and actor. In a rap video by New York-based artist Mr Cardamom, Jaffrey takes on the role of every desi grandmother ever—just infinitely more savage. In Nani, Madhur's character raps about being the best f*cking nani in the world, and does not hesitate in slapping anyone who disagrees. The 'nani anthem' shows Jaffrey putting on bright red lipstick, smoking, flipping the bird, and generally not giving the damn because she knows she the best. The video also features montages of a young Jaffrey hosting her old cookery shows and scenes from her movies.

Hip-hop artist Mr Cardamom (real name Zohran Mamdani) told the New York Times the song is a tribute to his grandmother, Praveen Nair, who was a social worker in Delhi and the founder of a trust that assists homeless children. He also revealed that Jaffrey did not accept payment but kept the bold yellow beret she sports in the video.

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