5 female artists to look out for at the NH7 Weekender

Girl power

  • Planning to hit the NH7 Weekender this year? Don't miss out on the powerful women taking over the mic. We've got bassist Shalini Mohan, who will be playing alongside Lagori, a classical-fusion rock band. Then there's Soulmate frontwoman Tripti Kharbangar and Easy Wanderlings's lead vocalist Pratika Gopinath and her honeyed vocals.

    Flip through the gallery to check out the rest of the female powerhouses who are ready to rock the Weekender #GirlPower style.

    Nh7 Weekender will travel to Pune (Dec 2-4). For the lineup, visit


  • Maalavika Manoj

    For a singer-songwriter, the spotlight is a tricky thing to get used to, but Manoj is primed for it. The 23-year old Chennaiite began playing the piano at five and also plays guitar. She’ll be performing from her EP, Rush. “I’m inspired by what change does to people,” says the musician, “And the thrill of discovering that there’s more to something than meets the eye.”


  • Pratika Gopinath

    Easy Wanderlings has a lot going for it, but lead vocalist Gopinath’s honeyed voice is definitely their trump card. The band began last year, and their lyrical finesse and outstanding musical arrangement got them noticed on YouTube channel Mostly Strings. Things have progressed rapidly for the sextet. “This will be the largest crowd I’ve ever performed for,” says the 20-year-old, “This is also my very first NH7—ever!”


  • Shalini Mohan

    Mohan is a rare specimen in an industry where most women are either solo singer-songwriter acts or lead vocalists; she rules, away from the spotlight, as a bassist. At the Weekender, she will be seen alongside Lagori, a classical-fusion rock band. Mohan, who “used to do a little piano, sang a bit in school choirs”, found her calling at the in-house music club of a tech company where she worked. “I auditioned as backing vocalist but days before the first show, the bassist left and this huge guitar-type thing fell on my shoulders. They taught me to play a few notes. It was love at first sound.”


  • Tarana Marwah

    It’s terribly hectic to be Tarana Marwah. Apart from her ambient electronica act Komorebi, the keyboardist is also part of the all-girl soul/electronica band RIVER, which will be performing all-new material at NH7. This means rigorous schedules and burnout but also, the joy of living immersed in your passions. “RIVER and Komorebi are like different aspects of my personality—my left arm and my right arm,” she says. “I am playing four Weekenders in three cities, how can I complain about that?”


  • Tipriti Kharbangar

    Soulmate’s one of the most prolific Indian blues bands, but the Shillong duo, Tipriti Kharbangar and Rudy Wallang, love playing to non-jazzheads. “Then,” says frontwoman Kharbangar, “we do everything on a bigger scale.” Just watching her play the guitar, dance and belt out feminist ballads is a rush. “I’ve been singing since I was six and as for the energy, I’m just strong for my size!”