Help fight plastic pollution with The Body Shop

Their Community Trade recycled plastic will also help empower waste pickers

Picture this, you step out of your house or take a walk on the beach and what is it you see? Not the neat green sidewalk or the crashing of waves, but instead a picturesque scenery that is encompassed by plastic. A small change has a ripple effect and The Body Shop is doing exactly that to raise awareness and drive social change towards it.

The Body Shop launches is first Community Trade recycled plastic in Bangalore, in partnership with Plastics For Change, Hasiru Dala and Hasiru Dala Innovations. This initiative is the bath and body label’s bespoke and independently verified fair trade program that commits to tackling the plastic crisis we’ve been experiencing.


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It’s no joke that our planet is drowning in plastic—land and marine wildlife is suffering and so are over three billion people who don’t have access to formal waste management. India itself has 1.5 million waste pickers who collect and sort over 6,000 tonnes of plastic every day—all of which would otherwise clog our rivers and oceans. These waste-pickers often live below the poverty line and work in appalling conditions, and The Body Shop is using their expertise to help fight for these people, along with the planet.

The Body Shop has started using Community Trade recycled plastic in its 250ml hair care bottles. In 2019, it will purchase 250 tonnes of Community Trade recycled plastic to use in nearly three million 250ml haircare bottles. The bottles will contain 100 per cent recycled plastic (excluding the bottle caps) and 15 per cent of that will be Community Trade recycled plastic, the remainder will be recycled plastic from European sources.

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Over time, they will increase the amount of Community Trade Recycled plastic and will also begin working with small waste picker communities. The aim in three years is to purchase over 900 tonnes of Community Trade recycled plastic and help empower up to 2,500 waste pickers in Bangalore.

In India, The Body Shop has also launched an in-store recycling programme (BBOB – Bring Back Our Bottles) that encourages customers to return empties in store for recycling. This way, old plastics will be reused by the brand—reducing the waste footprint. It’s a significant step towards valuing plastic while protecting the environment.