This swanky Asian cruise is for your inner Titanic fan

We went full-cheese on the Genting Dreams

As a child, not even the promise of a heart-wrenching ending could keep me from lapping up every second of the cult classic Titanic. Followed by the inevitable round of what-ifs. One such question finally found an answer last weekend onboard the Genting Dreams in Hong Kong, because if Titanic were to be remade today (minus the eventual sinking) it would look exactly like this — 335 metres of opulence spread over 18 decks. The hull art even makes concessions for your inner romantic: The stern of the boat eschews the uniform white for a kaleidoscopic depiction of a love story between an astronaut and a mermaid.

Snapchat and Instagram filters at the ready, we set sail from Kai Tak Terminal, Hong Kong into the south sea for a two-night excursion. Which can fly by a lot faster than you’d think, so here’s our all-inclusive laundry list of what you absolutely cannot miss onboard the Genting Dreams. 

5 things you have to experience on the Genting Dreams cruise

Despite ferrying 3,200 passengers (and about 2,000 crew members), the sheer length of the cruise liner prevents you from bumping into people at every turn. While the ship packs its body weight’s worth in terms of experiences and activities to do, I wouldn’t mind another two-nighter spent just on the sun lounger with this 18-deck beauty sprawled before me.