4 world famous cats who make more money than you

What are you doing with your life?

  • The internet has proven time and again that cats are far superior to us in many ways, achieving fame, stardom and the kind of inoffensive arrogance that we can only aspire to have. Not only do cats have more Instagram followers than you, they have multi-million dollar properties to their name, book and movie deals and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. And you're still learning how to pay the electricity bill online.

    We’ve rounded up the cats that have it all in case you needed role models, because clearly these felines are doing something right.

    Flip through the gallery for the cats that have it together better than you.


  • Tommaso

    Tommaso has the classic rags-to-riches story that all good dramas are made of... only more ridiculous. The cat caught the eye of Maria Assunta, the wealthy widow of an Italian tycoon, when it was just a stray prowling the streets of Rome. Being childless, Assunta's major concern was that no one would take proper care of her beloved adopted cat. So she did the only logical thing and bequeathed her entire estate to any shelter that would prove to be good enough for Tommaso. As luck would have it, there was no organisation that met her high standards, so the cat inherited her entire estate (worth $13 million), swiftly landing him in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s richest feline. The fortune is managed by a trusted nurse now, who takes care of Tommaso, as according to Italian law, animals can’t inherit money directly from the owners. 


  • Choupette Lagerfeld

    Karl Lagerfeld’s cat making this list should come as no surprise. Choupette Lagerfeld makes about $4 million from its modelling gigs — for a calendar and a cosmetics brand, it refuses to pose for cat food commercials because that’s just so basic — and has over 89K followers on Instagram. But that’s not all. Choupette is a big time diva, with 2 maids, its own iPad and, according to its owner, just hates kids and other animals. 


  • The Grumpy cat

    The cat that launched a thousand memes, the Grumpy cat (or Tardar Sauce, as it’s actually called) became an internet sensation due to its perpetually grumpy expression. Sometimes the internet is not very creative with nomenclature but more on that later. While its perpetually annoyed expression is the result of a genetic condition called dwarfism, it has earned the cat over a million followers on Instagram, a Christmas movie, a personal coffee brand and several awards, including ‘most influential cat’ and ‘meme of the year’. While the owners are particularly secretive about the cat's actual earnings, it was speculated that Grumpy cat's net worth is close to $1 million.


  • Maru

    Maru’s success story mirrors that of most Internet celebrities. The Scottish Fold gained popularity because of its obsession with cardboard boxes and our unexplained fascination for watching a cat play with cardboard boxes. Maru’s Youtube channel is the 7th most popular channel in Japan and it rakes in about $200,000 annually. And this is not counting the book and DVD deals.