8 alternative wellness techniques that you should consider

Including one that supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by

We have her Goopness Gwyneth Paltrow to thank for conscious uncoupling, but the idea was coined by Dr. Habib Sedeghi, one of many Paltrow-approved gurus to take the stage during Goop's first ever wellness summit, In Goop Health. On Saturday in Culver City, Paltrow welcomed 600 attendees from across the country to go deep into her world of wellness.

High on matcha lattes and Bulletproof Coffee, women (and a handful of men) shopped the Clean Beauty Apothecary, hydrated with Moon Juice tonics, and joined The Class founder Taryn Toomey for a new style sweatless session. But bone broth aside, the main attraction of the day was the five panel discussions exploring the Goopiest of Goop topics from gut health to the mother wound.

After collagen-spiked martinis in the garden, guests rolled out with new ideas and a new vocabulary to go with it. "I loved the idea that there is a word for emasculate and no feminine version," said Paltrow.

There was however, a new word for just about everything else...

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From: Elle US