6 popular onscreen couples who’ve actually never dated in real life

Because the universe doesn’t work the way Tumblr wants it to

What kind of a world is it where Ross and Rachel aren’t together? Or Raj and Simran are married to other people?

The real world, that’s what.

It may be hard to accept but most of our favourite onscreen couples have never dated in real life. Mostly because they’re professionals who are good at their jobs and are happily married/dating other people.

But Ross+Rachel 5ever, guys.

ross rachel friends

Bollywood's go-to romance classic Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge introduced fans to the now iconic Shah Rukh-Kajol pairing. But the only relationship is friendship, and not the kind which is the first step towards eternal love. Fans tend to forget that actors are human beings too and often project their lofty romantic ideals on them, especially when they share great chemistry onscreen. 

Here are some popular couples who’ve never dated each other in real life. Despite what fans might have hoped for. 

6 onscreen couples who've never dated each other