Ranveer- Deepika at the airport prove yet again why they're the hottest couple in Bollywood

Everybody, go home

If their PDA-packed appearance at the Ambani residence last week wasn't proof enough, allow us to disenchant you of any notion that you and your bae could ever match up to the lofty standards of #RelationshipGoal-dom that Deepika and Ranveer have set. 

The duo was spotted at the airport last night looking as if they had stepped off the pages of a magazine, with their airport style game on point and just generally showing us how it's done (Spoiler: It's not sweatpants and third day hair). 

Deepika Ranveer airport

While Deepika was still not over the Global Citizen madness (her tee is legit made of the tears of Coldplay fans), Ranveer channelled his inner Ranveer and rocked a custom-made emoji jacket (that we're putting on our holiday gift list, FYI)

All we can say is that the couple who slays airport style together, stays together.