‘Shiny legs’ is the new optical illusion that has divided the internet

White paint streaks or oil?

The internet is a wild and wonderful gift that keeps on giving. When it’s not obsessing over chaiwalas or Apple iPhone 7's breakup with the headphone jack, it is embroiled in serious and complex debates. Case in point, the ‘shiny legs’ optical illusion that has divided the internet into two warring camps.

Very similar to the ‘Dress’ that had broken the internet in 2015, a picture posted online has caused a debate where one camp sees shiny, oily legs while the other sees streaks of white paint on the legs. Originally posted by Hunter Culverhouse on Instagram almost five weeks ago, the picture was reposted on Twitter and has since gone viral.

The photo has been retweeted more than 14,000 times with people arguing over the oil/paint theory.



Culverhouse, the OP, told Insider that the illusion was actually created by accident and it was, in fact, white paint streaks on the legs instead of oil. So there you go! What did you think it was, though? Oil or paint? Sound off in the comments!