6 female comedy stars you need to know, by Sumukhi Suresh

Women who are making the world a funnier place to live in, one joke at a time

Sumukhi Suresh understands the importance of having more women interested in comedy. "The humour we’re exposed to on TV is very misogynistic, that’s why it seems normal to a lot of people. The only way this can change is if there are more comics who are women and more women in the audience,” she says, even if she doesn't particularly like being called a 'female comic'. With her YouTube features, like the Maid Interview, her stand-up routines and her starring role in Better Life Foundation, Suresh has become a name to be reckoned with on the Indian comedy scene. While her story is inspirational in itself, we were eager to find out which female stars inspired her. 

Taking time between shoots and generally making the world a funnier place, she made a pitch for these queens of comedy.

Sumukhi Suresh lists her favourite female comics