The five habits you should follow for a healthier life

As told by Dr. Sepp Fegerl

It is common knowledge that eating right and on time is important, but let's face itit does feel like a task on most days. Switching between new diets that we hear about IRL (and scroll past, on our Instagram feed) is the most common way we go about making changes in our food habits, and that does its share of harm. Turns out, the key to living a better life involves making small, consistent changes. ELLE met Dr. Sepp Fegerl, Medical Doctor at VIVAMAYR in Altaussee, who gave us a few simple tips for a healthier way of living and eating:

Power struggle

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“Avoid consuming any kind of raw food after 4 pm, as much as you can,” says Dr. Sepp. The logic is simple; raw food is harder to digest in the evenings as the power of your digestive system is not as strong. Your body struggles to breakdown the food which leads to indigestion.

Hydration helps

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Dr. Sepp suggests, “Two-third of your need for hydration should be fulfilled in the morning, one-third in the afternoon and whatever more you consume, is a bonus.” Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially between meals as your saliva is crucial in breaking food down and making it easier for nutrients to be absorbed.

On holiday

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“When I am on vacation, I can eat things that I will normally avoid and they will not harm me,” says Dr Sepp. Ever wondered why this happens? When you are in a relaxed state of mind, your body is de-stressed and can digest food that would’ve generally caused uneasiness. The golden rule is to forget multi-tasking, when you’re eating, just eat.

The terminator

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“Our digestive system is a weapon that breaks food down to the size of molecules,” says Dr. Sepp, and chewing your food carefully and slowly increases its surface area, making it easier for enzymes to further break it down. Just gulping your food down can lead to stomach cramps and even headaches.

Telltale sign

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Your face and body give you clear signs that something you’ve consumed is not good for you, so learn to tell the symptoms (bloating, puffy eyes or even paleness). “You are your best expert,” explains Dr. Sepp. When dealing with bloating, it’s easy; when you wake up in the morning, make it a point to check your appearance and then check again, before going to bed. Evaluate and figure out what you may have eaten in the day that could have caused indigestion.