What 9 Bollywood actresses and their star moms looked like in their debut films

They got it from their mama

For us, regular folks the first day of work isn't usually documented and immortalised by the media. But in the case of Bollywood actresses, every success and failure is photographed and preserved for posterity. And when you're a legacy actor i.e. when you are following in your actor parent's footsteps, you have a whole archive of their films to look back on. It's a chance to either emulate them or avoid their mistakes. Being the famous child of a famous star also comes with a whole host of negatives, like watching your mom in cringeworthy clothes doing a cringeworthy dance. Or, having your talents being constantly being compared to theirs.

But it's also great because family throwbacks consist of watching your mom's old movies and having people point out how much you look like her. 

Comparing the debuts of these 9 Bollywood actresses to their star moms: